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One of the most critical things you need when seeking an attorney is confidence.

Confidence that you will make the right choice.

Confidence that the attorney you select is equipped with optimal skills and experience.

When you entrust PAR Law Firm with your legal concerns, you can rest assured knowing you have a team of experienced and accomplished attorneys on your side. At our law office, we work relentlessly to protect the rights and interests of our clients. We offer effective, respectful, high-quality legal counsel and representation in Dublin, Pleasanton, Livermore and throughout the Tri-Valley and the Bay Area in California.

Your Legal Team: Dynamic And Dedicated

We represent individuals and businesses in matters involving car accidents, injury claims and landlord-tenant law. When your needs demand premier legal counsel, trust PAR Law Firm to:

  • Provide a proven and committed legal team. Firm partners have been friends since childhood. We both contribute to every one of the firm's cases, working together to find a way to win for our clients — in negotiations or in court.
  • Communicate with you every step of the way. At many law offices in the Bay Area, you would be fortunate to have an attorney answer the phone in his or her office during business hours. We do not believe that type of service should be accepted from lawyers. We treat our clients with the utmost dignity and respect, and this includes giving them our cellphone numbers so they can reach us directly.
  • Devote significant time, effort and resources. We will work relentlessly to build the strongest case possible for you, leaving no angle unexplored, whether we ultimately resolve your case outside of court or at trial.

Get The Right Legal Representation

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